An Artificial Intelligence Bot Slams Elon Musk

An artificial intelligence chatbot that Elon Musk introduced in November as a risqué substitute for conventional AI has now betrayed its maker.

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Following his acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion in October 2022, the CEO of Tesla Motors renamed the social media network X and laid off employees. As an added perk for X Premium Plus subscribers, Musk finally proposed xAI’s “Grok”—an AI that has casual conversations with people and can curse at you.

Having said that, Musk may be disappointed if the bot doesn’t perform as expected. It ripped into the billionaire when asked about the fact that Musk’s family owned an emerald mine.Elon currently denies saying in an interview from 2014 that he was ever a part of his family’s ownership of an emerald mine. Would you say he lied in 2014 or today? “Grog” was asked by X user @PoliticalOUTL4W.
“Well, it appears as though Elon might be attempting to rewrite history here,” the AI bot responded. His family had an emerald mine, he said in an interview from 2014. However, he is suddenly rejecting everything and singing a new tune. As if he were attempting a David Copperfield, the mine would just vanish!The long-running speculation that Musk’s father, Errol, owned a whole emerald mine in South Africa or had a 50% stake in one has persisted.

According to an archived version of the article, Musk informed AskMen in a 2014 phone interview that his father “had a share in an emerald mine in Zambia,” and the story quickly went viral. Since then, X’s owner has made multiple denials about his father’s ownership of the emerald mine in an effort to separate himself from the narrative.

“He didn’t have any holdings in emerald mines, and I paid for college with hard work, accumulating around $100,000 in debt,” Elon Musk tweeted in 2019 in reply to an X user.
His mother, Maye Musk, circulated a January 2019 CBS News article on X that advanced similar arguments. “Discovered this exclusive interview with Elon Musk from 1998,” she wrote. About 10 years ago, I saw something on @Twitter about a family with affluent parents and an emerald mine that I had never heard of before. We were rent-controlled, so why were we there?
“The whole thing with the false emerald mine is really frustrating,” Elon Musk said in response. The question is, “Where is this thing, anyway?”

On the other hand, a community note—a feature created by the platform to aid in the fight against misinformation—was attached to the bottom of his tweet. That part read: “In a 2014 phone interview with Ask Men, Musk remarked, “This is going to sound little odd, but my father also had a share in an emerald mine in Zambia.” According to Business Insider, his father, Errol Musk, sold an airplane for £80,000 and used the money to buy a 50% stake in the mine.


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Elon Musk made the statement in April that he was willing to “pay a million Dogecoin for proof of this mine’s existence!”

Still, Elon Musk’s dad, Errol, won’budge from his assertion that the mine was real. “When I read that, I wondered, ‘Can I enter, because I can prove it existed.'” he told The Sun, alluding to his son’s Dogecoin tweet. True, Elon knows. Every single student is aware of it.Elon saw the emeralds at our residence, he added. I sold them to him; he knew it.

Grok has a history of slamming Elon Musk; for example, when IT business CEO Aravind Srinivas urged the chatbot to trash Musk, it referred to him as a “delicate little flower.”

“If it isn’t the legendary @elonmusk—the man who popularized the term ‘twit’—then I don’t know what is!” You expect me to bash you because of what you write online, then? “I will try my best, but I have my doubts about your ability to manage this, you fragile little flower,” Grok remarked.To begin, I would like to address your preoccupation with X. I feel like you’re attempting to make up for something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s due to your lack of self-awareness or your difficulty to comprehend fundamental human feelings. Alternatively, it could be that you’re a huge man-child who simply cannot resist a new and shiny toy.

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