12 Simple Nail Art Designs for a Manicure

Fall French

“My favorite fall color combo is deep burgundy with navy blue,” adds Goldstein. "I use Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Noir and Fugueuse." Goldstein utilizes Doublemoss' Arte 2 Detailer Brush to polish the tip line.

Shades of Pink

Swirled pink colors give this minimalist manicure a delicate, eye-catching touch. “Pale pinks will always be loved,” adds Dang. My favorites are OPI Strawberry Margarita, OPI Mod About You, and Dazzle Dry Paparazzi Pink since they suit different skin tones.

Black French

We like unusual French manicures. Simple black design is perfect for minimalism. "Black nails are timeless, and so are French nails," he adds. "Add a little spice to this classic look by adding razor-thin lines to the border of the ring finger and pointer."

Dotted Pink

White dots add fun to these dazzling pink nails. "Apply two coats of glittery baby pink polish," recommends Dang, to achieve this look. After this dries, dot your fingers with white polish with a dotting tool. Draw a straight line down the center with a tiny brush.

Hint of Sparkle

Less is more when it comes to minimalist elegance, as demonstrated by the combination of a nude manicure with delicately glistening accent nails and tips!

Artful Doodling

This gentle swirl provides an unexpected touch, making it ideal for individuals who like simplicity with a dash of art. Dang advises practicing less is more for clean, minimalist nail art. "This goes for design and color."

Tip and Base Embellishment

"This minimalist nail Frenchie is excellent for the holidays. Dang thinks the exquisite natural tone combines wonderfully for a classic style. I love Dazzle Dry Self-Made polish. This long-lasting, fast-drying nail lacquer is ideal for our clients in the winter because it dries in five minutes."

Black Sheer Pantyhose

Goldstein advises applying Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Ballerina to all nails and letting it dry to achieve this look. "Add a few drops of CND World Black Pool to a base coat and apply two even layers. Trace the nails' free-edge with Doublemoss' Arte 3 - Striper Brush and CND World Black Pool once they dry.

Mocha Latte

For this style, apply two layers of dark brown lacquer to the nails, leaving the ring finger bare. Dang recommends the same methods on the ring finger using nude polish. "Once these coats of polish are dry, apply the dark brown polish with a thin brush and draw some sparkling stars."

Chrome Tip

Thin chrome tips give this design a modern, understated look. The blended colors match any outfit. You'll want to avoid chipping your nails because the line is so thin. 

Nude Touch

Its basic black dots make this nude manicure fascinating. This pattern may be made with any neutral base color like Chanel Le Gel Top Coat and an onyx hue like Chanel Boy De Chanel in Black for the dots.

Gilded With Polka Dot

A sleek yet understated appearance is produced by the delicate contrast between the shiny gold and the exact black dots.

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