4 zodiac signs that will never give up on a relationship

Some individuals give up at the first sight of hardship, and others are resilient, sticking with it even when things become bad – almost as if they have an inner compass leading them to never abandon ship.

But have you ever considered whether there is a pattern among these steadfast partners?

As it turns out, the stars may have had something to do with it.

So, which zodiac signs have a reputation for never giving up on a relationship?


They are grounded, practical, and have an unshakeable sense of determination. In relationships, this translates into an unwavering loyalty to their spouses.


They are led by their heart and have a natural tendency to develop deep, emotional ties.


They are born leaders with a strong sense of loyalty. When it comes to relationships, this translates into unwavering dedication to their lovers.


They are driven, realistic, and have a strong sense of accountability. In partnerships, this emerges as unshakeable loyalty to their spouses.

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