5 Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest This Week

Five Chinese zodiac signs are luckiest September 18–24, 2023. Start with this week's lucky messages for everyone. 

Many gatekeepers guard the path to paradise. Some are good, others bad. 

Will you let the negative ones cow you into giving up your dreams? Or will you find a way like previous heroes and heroines?

Rat: Measured luck

Rat, moderation and controlled steps can boost your fortunes this week. Don't take unnecessary risks or let others encourage you to.

Horse: Lucky commitments

Here's Horse. This week, your luck will offer you opportunities that will benefit you much but demand a lot of hard work and time, energy, and attention. For some, this means marriage.

Snake: Luck in life lessons

Snake, your luck is unusual this week, but a shift of viewpoint will help you capitalise on it. Back to your terrible experiences. 

Rabbit: Maverick luck

Rabbit, your luck will increase as you stand out. Interestingly, this intensity does not require stage presence. Even if you disagree with the mob, you can still hide.

Dragon: Luck of a king/queen

Dragon, your luck this week is royal. Socially, you may feel more "in demand" than usual. You may also receive invites and opportunities that boost your social network and introduce you to influential people. 


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