6 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Experience Abundance In December 2023

December will be a pivotal month for fixed and earth signs, as Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will station direct in Taurus on December 30th. 

The month opens with the Sun and Mars in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, providing inspiration and optimism to the collective.

 Venus will also be in Scorpio, so these signs will be focused on material abundance and deeper ties in their relationships. 

 As we get closer to 2024, helpful Jupiter and Saturn transits will give them confidence in their decisions as they work to achieve their goals.


You've had a busy year, and this month will allow you to reflect on your accomplishments and the connections you've built. With Venus in Scorpio, your romantic relationship will feel passionate and grounded in December


When Jupiter stations direct, you will shine brighter than usual, with the optimism and determination to face any problems. 


As you step away from the spotlight at the beginning of December, you will feel more tranquil and focused. During this period, your home becomes the best area to work, plan, and concentrate. 


When Jupiter moves direct on December 30th, there will be a lot of healing, growth, and opportunity for deeper connections.


With the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 12th forcing you to look for yourself and unwind at home with family, work appears more sustainable, and you may even allow yourself moments to rest.


Jupiter in Taurus will have a strong influence on you, directing your attention to self-care, healing, and personal growth. 

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