8 Best Anger-Busting Workouts for Blown Steam

Boxing | FightCamp

Punching a boxing bag relieves stress and tension. The best part is that anger-busting boxing classes may be taken at home. 

Sprinting | PUMATRAC

A short stroll or jog might release endorphins and reduce anger. Sometimes you need an intense anger run! The PUMATRAC app includes HIIT and strength training programs. 

Weightlifting | Tempo

When angry, pump iron. A few exercise bands or dumbbells may turn your living room into a gym. Tempo makes your home gym smarter. 

HIIT | HIIT Down Dog

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) involves intensive activity followed by short rest intervals. This workout approach is great for quickly sweating off anger!

Breathwork | Breathe

Deep breathing helps soothe your emotions and distract you from your rage. The Breathwork app helps beginners learn breathing exercises and measure their progress.

Meditating | Core

Meditation can help you manage intense emotions like rage. Meditation can improve mood and reduce anger, according to a PubMed study.

Tai Chi | Tai Chi Trainer

Mind-body practices like Tai Chi help release anger gently. The Tai Chi Trainer software makes learning 42 Tai Chi moves on your smartphone easy and practical. 

 Yoga | YogiFi

Yoga helps you release anger instead of holding it in. YogiFi is the ultimate training equipment for maximizing yoga benefits. YogiFi, an AI-powered yoga mat, is like having a personal yoga instructor.


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