8 Objects That Can Bring Bad Luck Into Your Home And Keep Good Luck Out

Mirrors are not only useful for self-reflection; they also have symbolic meaning in astrology. 

1. Broken Mirrors

Plants provide life into our homes, but when they wither due to negligence, it indicates a drop in prosperity.

2. Unkempt Plants

Clocks are more than simply timepieces; they represent the rhythm of existence. 

3. Torn or Broken Clocks

Antiques frequently contain the stories and spirits of their previous owners. Bring antiques into your home with caution, especially if they have a sad or negative history. 

4. Antique Objects with Dark Histories

Upholstery is an important part of house design. Frayed connections within your family and relationships are represented by ripped or ruined upholstery.

5. Damaged or Torn Upholstery

Dining is a time for connecting and physical and spiritual replenishment. Tableware that is chipped or shattered can represent fragmented abundance,

6. Chipped or Cracked Tableware

Electronics are vital for communication and connectivity in the digital age. Electronics that are malfunctioning or broken disturb these critical connections. 

7. Broken Electronics

Cactus plants are an exception to the rule that plants bring positive energy. Their prickly appearance and negative meaning can interfere with the flow of positive energy in your home.

8. Cactus Plants

Your home reflects the energies in your life, and some objects can either increase or restrict these energies. 


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