9 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight All Month Long

Let's face it: the winter season is supposed to be cozy—and a little bit lethargic. Nothing like cuddling up in front of the fire with a mound of blankets and binge-watching your favorite rom-coms or TV episodes.

Not going outside to endure the bitterly cold temperatures also seems like a good option. But, when you're trying to lose weight, lounging on the couch all day seems counterintuitive to your efforts. 

Get excited since you won't have to devote an hour to an intense workout. Instead, we spoke with an expert who shared the greatest lazy methods to lose weight during the month. They don't need much effort, but they provide results.

Continue reading to learn more about the greatest lazy ways to lose weight, and when you're done, don't forget to read People Are 'Souping' for Weight Loss & Say It Can Get You a Flat Belly Fast.Nothing beats snuggling up with a warm beverage and sipping it from your favorite mug. 

This winter, stay hydrated by drinking herbal teas or warm water with lemon. "This can help control hunger and keep you hydrated, especially during the colder months," Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, a registered dietitian

and certified specialist in sports dietetics on our Medical Expert Board, adds. "Plus, tea is low in calories whereas many fancy coffees provide lots of sugar and calories."

Homemade soup can benefit your mind, body, soul, and weight loss goals. If you haven't already jumped on the "souping" bandwagon, now is the time!

"Start your meals with a bowl of broth-based soup (not creamy)," says Goodson. "This can help you feel fuller before you ever start eating your meal, potentially leading to consuming fewer calories during the main course."

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