A Special Report on Generative AI in Movies and TV Productions

In the past year, the entertainment industry's talk about generative AI has been very heated. Now that the strikes between writers and actors are over, 

Hollywood needs to think about how companies and creatives will use gen AI models and software tools in the many creative processes that go into making a movie or TV show.

In the coming months, the industry will have to deal with a game-changing technology.

Variety Intelligence Platform's special report "Generative AI in Film & TV" looks at the pros and cons of gen AI models and new software by looking at how they are used now,

in the near future, and in the future in film and TV production.

Generative AI opens up a huge number of options at many points in the production value chain. 

 We specifically look at how valuable and useful this growing, varied, and powerful set of AI models and tools is for tasks like sound editing, screenwriting, VFX, previsualization, and content translation.

Traditions are evolving. Some creative tasks are automated using generative AI. Still, it should enhance productivity by eliminating boring work, speeding up project timetables,

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