Abstract to Simple: Nail Art for Your Every Whim

seasonal Nail Art

When it’s time to usher in new vibes and weather conditions, paint your nails with a seasonal vibe. You’re probably already accustomed to revamping your wardrobe according to the season—why not revamp your nails as well?

Summer Nail Art

Represent the sunny days of summer with this precious watermelon design! Even a beginner nail artist can pull this one off by starting with a pale pink, then painting in the details near the tip of each nail with a narrow brush and a black, green, white, and darker pink paint.

Spring Nail Art

After months and months of winter, spotting a rainbow can go a long way to put a spring back in your step. You can bring rainbows everywhere you go—in the spring and all year ’round—with your nails. This easy nail art gives you an opportunity to use every shade of nail polish in your collection.

Winter Nail Art

If you really want your nails to represent the winter season, a snowflake manicure is pretty much a no-brainer. Choose a lighter or darker blue as a base coat to get the look you’re hoping for, then add details with white polish. 

Holiday Nail Art

Putting together the perfect outfits and accessories is a fun way to get into the festivities for any holiday celebration. Take your look to the next level—there’s an ideal manicure for every occasion!

Christmas Nail Art

 Your Christmas nail designs can incorporate the candy cane look as much as you’d like, whether you’d prefer a simple red and white stripe or something a little more elaborate like this detailed pattern.

Halloween Nail Art

With ghosts and black cats on your hands, you can welcome the spookiest season of them all with open arms .Alternate these iconic Halloween nail designs from one nail to the next or repeat one of them on one hand and the next on the other hand.

Valentine’s Day Nail Art 

Since pink and red are already popular manicure shades, the options for Valentine’s Day nail art are practically endless. You can start with the basics by requesting a pink twist on the French manicure next time you get your nails done to prepare for the February festivities. 


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