After Kanye West fight, Taylor Swift says her career was 'taken away'

Taylor Swift is without a question the singing superstar whose catchy songs and amazing concerts have won over millions of hearts.

Time Magazine named the American singer "Person Of The Year" for all the great things she has done this year. 

However, there was a scandal in her career that could have ended it all. 

That's what the pop singer thinks, at least. In Time's most recent cover story, Taylor Swift talked about how her fight with Kanye West 

and Kim Kardashian in 2016 changed her "mentally and could have been the end of her successful career."

Taylor Swift told Time Magazine that the time was like a "career death" for her and that it was hard on her mental health.

 "Don't get it wrong," she said, "my job was taken away from me." Taylor Swift also said, "I moved to a different country." 

For a year, I didn't leave a rental house. I was scared to answer the phone.

Most of the people in my life I didn't trust anymore, so I pushed them away. It was really, really hard to fall.

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