All the It-Girls Have Red Velvet Manicures for the Holiday

Candy Apple Red Velvet Nail

Red velvet nails are so good that even a full coat can turn heads and break necks. Nail artist Dayanna I. Sapiens used Gelcare UV Gel Nail Polish ($20) in Pomegranate and Gold Velvet ($22). 

Red Velvet Santa Nail

This adorable red velvet Santa hat manicure starts things off. Though cute, this nail trend is easy to replicate. French tip with red tail and white gloss, the Santa hat is simple.

Red Velvet Frosted Snow Nail

This glittery red and iridescent pearl swirl manicure style is holiday-appropriate, but not velvet. Brittney Ellen created the look with Cirque Colors Handmade Nail Polish ($15) in Soleil and Sashay.

Minimalist Red Velvet Nail

Red velvet nail polish is so gorgeous that even a little can stand out. Amy Tran applied Strawberry Milk Base Kokoist USA Tinted Base Gel ($17). She then made two-tone French tips with Gel Bottle Inc.

Red Velvet Plaid Nail

We'll never tire of plaid Christmas nails. This image shows the timeless design in cranberry, evergreen, and nude. Use China Glaze Jewels Royale Collection ($9/bottle) to replicate the effect.

Red Velvet Candy Cane Nail

These pastel candy cane nails are Cindy Lou Who-esque. To bring the asymmetric striped design to life in all its sweetness, you may need a pro.

Red Velvet Grinch French Tip

These Whoville-inspired green and red velvet nails give Grinch the prettiest appearance. It was done with Cirque Colors Handmade Nail Polish ($13+) in Kelly Jelly and Madder. 

Red Velvet Stiletto Nail

Fightful stiletteo red nails. Their dagger-like form makes them suitable for Halloween and Christmas.

Red Velvet Art Deco French

Love French manicures but want a different silhouette? Try this art deco-inspired crimson velvet. The tip art's sharp points simulate stiletto nails without filing them down.

Red Velvet French Tip

Prefer gold velvet? Choose red French tips and apply gold shimmer from cuticle to tip on one side of each nail (or allover).

Red Velvet Square Nail

Remember that red velvet manicures look great without nail art. For instance, this square-shaped red velvet mani with Mooncat Velvet Nail Polish in Reclaim the Flame.

Red Velvet Pop Art

Pop art manicures remain popular in 2023. A red velvet base outlined in solid black lacquer and finished with white to create the illusion of brilliant sheen makes it one of the easiest manicure looks to achieve.

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