Amazing statement about Taylor Swift after being named fifth on a 'Most Powerful Women' list.

Taylor is ranked No. 5 on Forbes' 2023 list of the most powerful women.  

Following her Eras tour earlier this year, Taylor Swift became a billionaire. 

One excellent sentence that sums up the status of the globe is found in the article. 

This October, Taylor Swift attained billionaire status. With her $850 million US profit from her Eras tour, Swift made a lot, 

really a lot.But Swift's influence and power go beyond her money; she is arguably the most well-known woman in the US right now, 

if not the entire world. She has the ability to transform the music business (recall her protests when she refused to allow her music to be streamed) and accomplish even more astounding things, 

like turning casual football fans into Kansas City Chiefs supporters.

All of this indicates that Forbes ranked her as the fifth most powerful woman in the world, which is completely acceptable and logical! Well done, Forbes! 

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