Angelina Jolie discusses her foray into the fashion world with the Atelier Jolie label.

Angelina Jolie recently spoke with Atelier Jolie on her career transition into the fashion sector.

The Tomb Raider actress revealed in a new interview with WSJ Magazine for the December/January issue, "You, in fashion? No."

"I've never been to a fashion show or the Met Ball in my entire life," Jolie told the magazine, adding that she valued "individuality and freedom."

The Maleficent actress said of his side venture, "I'll probably lose money, maybe even for a while."

"If I can eventually put into practice some things that I think are improvements and I just break even, that's a huge victory," she told the news site.

Jolie stated regarding the brand, "If it's easily explained, it's probably not going to be as fulfilling as it could be." I've never been understood right away in my life."

When asked about her own style, the actress said that her daily uniform (slacks, sweaters, shift dresses, tote bags, and lounge clothes for errands) prioritizes utility over fashion.

"I've been a mom, and it's completely integrated into who I am." "My daughter jokes that I wear too many trench coats," she told the magazine, explaining that it is just a "hiding thing."

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