At Town Hall, Trump sidesteps inquiries about retaliation and breaking the law.

Sean Hannity pressed Donald Trump to guarantee he wouldn't misuse his position of authority, 

he said he wouldn't "aside from Day 1," saying, "We're closing the border." Furthermore, we're drilling nonstop. I'm not a tyrant after that.

Sean Hannity twice pressed former President Donald J. Trump to declare unequivocally that he would not misuse his authority as president

 would not take political revenge against his rivals if reelected on "Fox News" on Tuesday night.

Mr. Trump declined to issue a categorical rejection on both occasions.

First, moderator Sean Hannity questioned Mr. Trump on his remarks during the campaign about using violence and his promise to use the Justice Department to target his political opponents.

"Do you intend to misuse your position of authority in any way if you are re-elected president?" 

 Mr. Hannity enquired. To disobey the law? to pursue individuals through the government?

The front-runner for the Republican presidential candidacy, Mr. Trump, avoided the question. 

 He asked, "You mean like they're using right now?" in reference to his accusations that President Biden has turned the Justice Department into a weapon against him. 

 Then he resorted to his usual campaign trail whine about having been indicted more often than mobster Al Capone.

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