Beyoncé and Miss Swift's rivalry is exposed. 

Taylor Swift is all too familiar with the public's craving for female rivalry.  

Regarding the speculation of a rivalry between herself and Beyoncé, the singer maintains that all that's to be seen is motivation, 

encouragement, and a prosperous future.Swift was selected as Time magazine's Person of the Year on December 6. 

The "Cruel Summer" singer discussed her love life and the success of her "Eras Tour" in her annual issue profile. 

She also explained why many have been cheering for conflict for years, yet Beyoncé's "Renaissance World Tour," 

which coincided with Swift's last summer, did not cause it.The 33-year-old said to Time, 

"There were a lot of stadium tours this summer, but only Beyoncé and I were compared." 

"Clearly, even when the two artists in question decline to participate in that discussion, it's very profitable for the media and stan culture to pit two women against each other."

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