Beyoncé says that one of her children was hurt while on tour, providing rare insight into family life.

Beyoncé is a devoted mother to three children, and despite being one of the world's most recognized singers, she is just like any other parent when it comes to work/life balance.

In her film, Renaissance: A Film, which covers the build-up and behind-the-scenes events from her sell-out world tour of the same name, the Crazy in Love hitmaker provided a number of remarkable insights into her personal life. 

In one video, Beyoncé reveals that her children always come first, and she goes into depth about what happened behind the scenes during her five-month tour.

"My first job is to look after my children, and they are my top priority." So if one of them gets attacked by a spider or something strange happens on this tour, that's when my true job begins," she stated. 

While she did not specify which of her children was harmed, the fact that she got up on stage each evening while having such concerns demonstrates how much of a pro she truly is. 

In another video, Blue Ivy, Queen Bey's 11-year-old daughter and tour star, asked Queen Bey about the highlights of her mother's tour. 

Beyoncé remarked in a June interview from Cannes that being able to take her children to lovely areas where they could swim in full privacy brought her a lot of joy.

Beyoncé also discusses her daughter Blue's role in the tour in the film, which premiered in Los Angeles on November 25 and in London on November 30. 

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