Before enlisting in the military, BTS' V will play "Main Character" in IU's new music video, Bighit confirms.

Due to V's enlistment on the 11th, Taehyung and Lee Ji Eun will be collaborating on a project that calls for a rush for the music video. BTS member V and K-pop soloist Lee Ji Eun are allegedly 

collaborating on her upcoming music video. The announcement from a K-media outlet comes soon after BIGHIT MUSIC leaked the enlistment plans for Jimin, V, Jungkook, and RM, among the other members of BTS. Find out more by reading on. 

A lone K-pop artist will collaborate with V of BTS. Before joining the military, V from BTS will appear in IU's upcoming music video, according to K-media outlet IU Starnews. IU is currently in the studio recording a new album.  

intending to make it available in the first half of 2024. According to the article, "even though they haven't decided on a specific release date, they had to hastily produce the music video to accommodate his schedule because V is enlisting on the 11th." 

The well-known singer is reportedly getting ready for the first half of 2024, when her new music video is supposed to be released. BIGHIT MUSIC and EDAM Entertainment, IU's agency, have now confirmed the story.  

IU and the Layover singer have shared screen time in the past. When V made guest appearances on IU's Palette on IU's YouTube channel Ijejam in September of last year, they first showed off their special relationship. Since then, viewers have been applauding this on-screen pair. 

"IU has finished filming the music video with BTS's V, and is preparing a new album with a target of the first half of the year," according to Edam Entertainment. To put it succinctly, 

BTS's management declared, "The news is correct," confirming the veracity of the information. Even though the music video's specifics are still unknown, fans are eager to see it. They are recalling their early conversations and revelation of their new friendship. 

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