Chad Stahelski has new ideas for future John Wick movie

There aren’t many men who can take down horrific guys across an entire film franchise, but John Wick is considered one of them. 

With the original movie premiering in 2014, it’s been almost a decade given that Keanu Reeves’ former hitman became drawn lower back into the world of crime. 

alongside the franchise’s fourth installment airing in advance in 2023, the Wick-verse is now also expanding sideways way to shows just like the Continental. 

whilst no launch windows or plans for future films are set in stone, the franchise’s director has found out that there are sufficient ideas for many greater John Wick testimonies to come

at some stage in a recent interview with Inverse, John Wick director Chad Stahelski revealed that the team at the back of the franchise “have thoughts for days” for future movies

i have notebooks and notebooks of s*** in the back of me, John Wicks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. we've ideas for days,” Stahelski stated. “We just don’t have the tale locked.  

I haven't any interest in doing the coins snatch of bringing John Wick back for something. Is he a person i like? Of course

“And if I did more than one John Wick movies, exceptional. Keanu might do one again in a 2d if we had an awesome tale.  

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