Colin Cowherd chuckles at Deion Sanders's want for more "privacy" during his Colorado debut season.

Deion Sanders initially brought attention and hype to Colorado football, but after a 3-0 start, the team struggled to maintain momentum, ending their bowl dreams with just one more win. 

Colin Cowherd, who initially embraced the hype, pointed out the irony in Sanders' recent comments about wanting more "privacy" during his debut season with the Buffs. 

Sanders expressed a desire for privacy in a People magazine interview, prompting Cowherd to highlight the irony given the coach's earlier efforts to attract attention through controversies and an aggressive social media strategy. 

Despite Cowherd's initial support for Sanders, he took to his podcast to troll the coach for his privacy comments, emphasizing the irony of sharing such thoughts with "the most attention-seeking magazine on the planet." 

Cowherd mocked Sanders for wearing a sweatshirt that read "Ain't Hard to Find," pointing out the coach's frequent appearances in pre-game shows and the Coach Prime docuseries shot during the season. 

The analyst highlighted the duality of media attention, suggesting that Sanders brought the scrutiny upon himself by actively seeking the spotlight. 

Cowherd discussed the consequences of a program gaining significant attention due to a charismatic personality, emphasizing that when the person fails to deliver, the media becomes critical. 

Despite Sanders retaining some support, the initial hype around him and the team has diminished, leading to a PR damage-control operation to address the fallout. 

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