College football fans are mocking Deion Sanders for making 'privacy' remarks.

Deion Sanders found himself at the center of the sports world as his Colorado Buffaloes started the 2023 season 3-0.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer's first season as a Power Five head coach drew unprecedented amounts of attention to Boulder

with everything he did either receiving high praise or drawing close criticism.

Sanders recently told People magazine that he wished he had "more privacy" in his first season with the Buffaloes.

"You always wish for a little more privacy," Coach Prime explained. "However, the same thing that makes you shine will also reveal your flaws."

So you have to accept the good with the bad. When the hype machine is in full swing, you can't just want everyone there; you have to understand there's another side to this."

Sanders' words have sparked heated debate among college football fans.

"Lol this is funny since Mr. Hype Man is always trying to bring attention to himself," a member of the public tweeted.

"That's crazy because I feel like every single thing he did would imply the opposite," someone else added.

"'Why is everyone looking at me!?!' Screams man carrying bullhorn and spotlight," another person said.

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