DEC. 10 Scary-Good Halloween Nail Art Idea

Costumed Ghost

This set of nails may have the cutest ghosts ever. For Trick or Treating under a starry sky, the ghosts dress as witches, vampires, Jack-o'-Lanterns, and Frankenstein.

Metallic Star

This style resembles Fourth of July nails with stars and stripes. The orange-gold foil tips, silver, and black look Halloween-ish sans spiders, gore, or ghosts.

Candy Corn

Nothing says Halloween like candy. These candy corn nails are a stylish All Hallows' Eve look that just requires two orange paint tones and a steady hand.

Frankenstein French

Frankenstein would get this manicure at the salon. Signature stitching and a candy apple red French tip make a quirky spin on monsters' vivid green.

Itty Bitty Bat

To duplicate nail designer Amy Tran's simple Halloween nail design, use a toothpick dipped in black nail paint for bat tips. Connect the points to make swooping wings and a diamond body.

Spooky Swirl

Mismatched nails evoke The Nightmare Before Christmas subtly. The dramatic swirls and Jack Skellington-esque black and white striped French tips are our favorites.

Horror Movie Mani

Why not emulate your favorite horror movies with nail art? Movies provide unlimited beauty inspiration (think Barbie nails). This outfit displays the Ghostbusters emblem and Slimer on one hand and Candyman's outline and eye on the other.

Ghosts on a Grid

Light orange plaid grids and black French tips are ghoulishly good. The design improves with beautiful hand-painted ghosts.

Ghostface Nail Art

Which scary film is your favorite? If it's Scream, save this mani for your next appointment. Wavy, black-and-white striped French tips match Ghostface's eerie image and weapon.


Halloween is the perfect chance to honor your favorite throwback era. This modest '80s-inspired negative space mani with flashes of color is the ideal inspiration.

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