Deion Sanders' dreams have been granted as a top recruit commits to the Colorado Buffaloes.

Deion Sanders, head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, got exactly what he needed for the 2024 college football season: a top-tier offensive tackle.

 The IMG Academy product will probably open the game as the starting quarterback, covering quarterback Shedeur Sanders in the pocket.

Regarding his choice, Seaton said "Undisputed" on Thursday, "You've got to believe in Coach Prime."

Being able to play alongside someone who has achieved the pinnacle of success—a [Hall of Fame] level. 

Not many can claim to have done it. Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter, my two Heisman contenders, are outstanding.

Deion Sanders stated that he will use the transfer portal, which launched this month, to try to bolster his offensive line's depth. 

"I appear to be easily found within the portal. You can probably guess what I'm finding, lineman: I'm not hard to find." stated Sanders.

"After seeing us play, you said, 'If they had some of those guys, they would be right there.'

" Identify the day of the week. Day of the Portal. And I will acquire the items you mentioned I require."

Colorado gave up a staggering 492 lost yards in 2023 as a result of 56 sacks, easily the highest in Division I. 

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