Deion Sanders is Colorado's $280 million man (after four games)

Last year, Colorado athletic director Rick George surprised everyone by explaining how he paid Deion Sanders, his new football coach.

On Dec. 4, he presented Sanders in Boulder. “We don’t have the money yet,” George told reporters. “But we’ll have it.”

Ten months later, the university found the money. It wasn't under the sofa cushions. Instead, Sanders delivered a startling return on investment, unprecedented less than a year after hiring a new college football coach.

 It includes increases in football ticket sales ($20 million), donations ($8 million), other categories (at least $3 million), 

and the estimated value of the increased media exposure from hiring a Pro Football Hall of Famer who attracts so many cameras ($249 million).

Due to missing statistics on donations after June 30 and campus store product sales, the actual total is likely significantly higher.

“Given who he is, we had incredibly high expectations when Coach Prime arrived, and he has still exceeded them in every facet, 

including on the field, in the classroom, and by generating a nationwide excitement that has made CU Boulder the epicenter of the sports world,” 


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