Ezekiel Elliott returns to familiar grounds in Dallas with a new team: ‘There will be some emotions’

Ezekiel Elliott's first four years in the league brought to mind greats like Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith.

Two rushing crowns are under his belt, and a third would have been assured if not

for his six-game suspension in 2017 for breaching the league's personal conduct rules.

However, he was replaced by Tony Pollard and his massive salary after two years of diminished effectiveness due to recurring injuries.

After being released by the Cowboys at the end of the season, he had to wait several disheartening months for another chance.

"Business is business," Elliott remarked on Wednesday. The mental toll of being let go or laid off is real for everyone, yet life goes on

his is how things are. It's only up to me to get back in the saddle. Negative thoughts will just bring you down. 

You need to find the silver lining amid the cloud of adversity. I intend to achieve it.

One of the best running backs in team history will now retire in a different uniform than the ones he spent his whole career in,

joining the ranks of Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith. Both Dorsett and Smith spent their final seasons in the NFL with their respective teams in Arizona and Denver, respectively.


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