False Electors Supporting Donald Trump Refuse to Back Him

A cohort of Wisconsin electors has retracted their previously maintained belief that former President Donald Trump emerged victorious in the 2020 presidential election within the state.

Several conservatives persist in rejecting the election results, as it seems likely that Trump will run against President Joe Biden again in 2024.

The previous election was officially validated on January 6, 2020, with the assistance of then-Vice President Mike Pence,

following the mobilization of pro-Trump supporters, which later became known as the Capitol riots.

If the former president succeeds in the GOP primaries, he will be the Republican Party's candidate for the third straight election.

However, he is now facing 91 felony charges, which include accusations of him and his associates trying to change the electoral outcomes in the crucial state of Georgia. 

Trump has refuted any allegations of misconduct.

Trump has refuted any allegations of misconduct.

The judicial settlement, consisting of 184 pages, was submitted on Wednesday. 

It reveals that 10 electors from Wisconsin have admitted to submitting falsified documents and have recognized Biden as the legitimate winner. 

The document contains numerous photographs and textual correspondences among conservative electors, which discuss their desire for Trump to emerge victorious

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