Fans praise Taylor Swift after it was found out that she gave $100 tips to food runners at a Chiefs game.

Patriots fans can't get enough of Taylor Swift's kindness after the most recent Kansas City Chiefs game, which was against the Patriots at their home stadium in Massachusetts.

After the game on Sunday, Dec. 17, the "Karma" singer reportedly left her suite and went straight to a nearby kitchen. 

 She was later photographed poking her head through the door at Gillette Stadium while wearing a white and red beanie with a very small "87" stitched into it in black thread. 

She also had a to-go cup from Dunkin' with her. In the bottom right corner of the picture, there is another hand holding a $100 bill, which was probably given to them by the singer. 

Audrey is the Twitter user whose picture was posted. Audrey's profile is private, so only people who follow her can see what she posts.

However, several update accounts that shared the photo say that Swift was tipping the people who had been carrying food to and from people's seats for hours.  

One user was moved by "the way she carries cash to be able to tip" on that social media thread. This is in a time when most of us pay for things with our phones.

The people on TikTok couldn't believe she did it herself instead of sending someone less well-known to do it for her. 

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