Ford Workwear, Car Restoration, and More by Sydney Sweeney 

Sydney Sweeney developed an early passion for automobiles while growing up in Spokane, Washington,  

in a family of mechanics. "My mom taught me how to drive and show me various tricks of the trade when I was growing up, 

using my great-grandpa's old Ford truck as a vehicle." I only knew that my dream was to construct my own automobiles someday. 

I wanted to have the knowledge and the power of the vehicle too because I thought it was so awesome watching my uncles and cousins work on vehicles," Sweeney tells POPSUGAR. 

She also posted on her TikTok account, @syds_garage, about her experience fixing a 1969 Ford Bronco.  

Although restoring an automobile is a significant undertaking, Sweeney is driven to learn all the tips and tricks from the industry professionals ,

in her life and she wants to impart this knowledge and enthusiasm to the rest of us. "I believe that Ford embodies the spirit of breaking down barriers, 

and that is one of my favorite things about him. They are supporting the amazing female movement that is empowering, educating, 

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