Former NBA Star Makes Exciting Ja Morant Statement

Over the previous several games, the Memphis Grizzlies have been gradually improving.

 Memphis hasn't had a dominant stretch of basketball, but compared to how they started the season, 

 this current stretch has been a significant improvement. With Ja Morant's return just around the corner,

 the Grizzlies are aiming to maintain some of this momentum as his suspension comes to a conclusion.

The basketball world is ready for Morant's return, as former NBA great Isaiah Thomas stated in a Facebook post:

 This post from Thomas occurred after Desmond Bane's 49-point performance, which helped the Grizzlies beat the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday night

Bane has established himself as one of the NBA's top two guards and will help form one of the league's greatest backcourts whenever Morant returns.

With the Grizzlies only four games off of a play-in berth, they believe they can make a run for the playoffs once Morant returns.

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