Here are 13 plaid manicure ideas for a preppy look.

Traditional French manicures with plaid accent nails are gorgeous. Nail artist Dayanna I. Sapiens used OPI Nail Lacquer ($12) in Stay Off The Lawn!, Lincoln Park After Dark, and Berlin There Done That and Mooncat ($14) in I'm A MF Supernova to create this look

Evergreen Plaid Accent Nail

Orange manicures are striking. A statement mani is enhanced by dark red.

Autumn Squash Plaid Nails 

Houndstooth is a very bold pattern. In black-and-white, the iconic design makes nails sparkle. Of course, you'll need more length to show off the print.

Houndstooth French Tip

While many plaid manicures have a solid foundation, you can use negative space instead. As shown above, the simplistic plaid design is nonetheless striking.

Negative Space Plaid Nail

Black, red, and gold checkered nails are easy to make. Trace gold glitter stripes on a few nails with a fine-lining nail art brush on a glossy red base. 

Black, Red, and Gold Plaid Nail

Red, green, and white are a classic color combination (particularly for the holidays), and they make a nice plaid. Plaid stripes stand out against soft pink polish.

Festive Peppermint Plaid Nail

We'd call this brilliant blue manicure "cozy." We love the accent nails' checkered print and cable-knit French tips.

Cable Knit and Plaid Nail

The classic green French manicure is stunning, but why not upgrade it? Clear, sparkly polish and plaid stripes work.

Green Plaid French Tip

Burberry is unavoidable while talking plaid. Those who adore the brand will enjoy these beautiful nails. The plaid accent nails complement the main burgundy nails.

Burberry Plaid Nail

These glossy brown French tips are luxurious on their own. The orange and white plaid decorations on the ring and index fingers lend another distinct touch to the classic mani.

French Tips With Plaid Accent

Festive manicures for the holidays. Winter paradise manicure with candy cane and snowflake motifs. The green-and-red plaid accent nail is wonderful.

Plaid Holiday Nail

These pumpkin orange, tortoiseshell, and checkered mix-and-match nails are adorable. However, this plaid nail idea is harder to replicate. 

Mix-and-Match Plaid Mani

These red, white, and blue nails radiate excitement. Gold accents on each nail intensify the plaid effect.

Red, White, and Blue Plaid Nail

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