House Republicans File Contempt Charge Against Hunter Biden

House committees are overseeing the investigation into President Biden's potential impeachment,

and although he has declined to testify privately, he has offered to do so publicly. 

The chairmen of the G.O.P. have said no.

If President Biden's son, Hunter, does not show up for a closed-door deposition that House Republicans have planned for next week in their pursuit of evidence to attempt to impeach his father,

 they will hold him in contempt of Congress, according to a warning made on Wednesday.

Hunter Biden has declined to engage in private questioning in favor of public testimony, 

 citing his fear that Republicans would misrepresent him and release excerpts from his testimony out of context as his reasons.

As stated in a letter sent on Wednesday by Abbe David Lowell, an attorney representing Joe Biden,

 to Representative James R. Comer, a Republican from Kentucky and the head of the Oversight Committee, 

the committee has repeatedly shown that it manipulates and distorts facts and misinforms the American public through closed-door sessions.

Lowell argues that a hearing would guarantee honesty and openness in these proceedings. "We are eager to finalize the schedule."

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