In October 2023, four Zodiac signs fall out of love and end their relationships.

Written By

Sophia Willa

What feels so horrible right now is sometimes merely a rite of passage.

We must pass through the darkness in order to completely experience the light.

Four zodiac signs will have to face the end of their relationships, and the trouble is..

 Much of Lilith's energy will be dispersed throughout the month, and Lilith is known for her disruptive love.I

The first thing you need to understand, Gemini, is that everything will be OK. You had a sense something like this would happen and figured it would happen this month.


Recent interactions with a new love interest in your life have convinced you that your former spouse is not the person you want to be with. 


You are going to enter Scorpio season at the end of this month, and you can feel the force of your zodiac signs coursing through your veins.


During October 2023, you're feeling upbeat and don't want to be stopped, especially by someone you no longer love or respect. 


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