Is it good for politicians that Taylor Swift was named Person of the Year?

Time magazine named Taylor Swift "Person Of The Year" in 2012. But politicians were already trying to get Swiftie votes.

Politicians tried to get Swiftie votes even before Time magazine named her "Person of the Year."

You can also call me a Swiftie. Like many young pop music fans who use social media, I kept up with Taylor Swift's Eras Tour and the surprise songs.

the rush to get tickets and her short relationship with that guy from The 1975 who had a history of making racist comments.

But as a political scientist, I was more interested in how government leaders felt about the tour. 

NJ's famous Taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwich is now called the "Taylor Swift Ham, Egg, and Cheese" official state sandwich in her honor.

During her tour, Pittsburgh's mayor changed the name of the city to "Swiftsburgh" for a short time.

Not far from where I live, Swift Street in North Kansas City was temporarily changed to "Swift Street (Taylor's Version)."

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