"Ja Morant with a Jumper": Andre Iguodala Gives Big Praise to Kings' De'Aaron Fox During In-Season MVP Talks

Andre Iguodala, on his Point Forward podcast, discussed De’Aaron Fox's overlooked NBA In-Season Tournament MVP race with co-host Evan Turner. 

Iguodala highlighted Fox's impressive stats (30.3 pts, 6.4 ast, 4.7 reb) and suggested he wasn't getting the attention he deserved. 

Despite the Sacramento Kings' elimination in the In-Season Tournament Quarterfinals, Fox remains a top contender for the MVP award. 

Turner compared Fox's skills to Ja Morant, emphasizing Fox's already reliable jumper. 

Iguodala recalled the Warriors adjusting their playoff coverage in 2022 to contain Fox's threat, even though he didn't play in the first round. 

The Kings, with an 11-8 start, are optimistic about a better season, propelled by Fox's MVP-level performances. 

Fox, despite missing five games due to injury, is in the top 15 for the NBA MVP race. 

Fox turned down a 2-year, $105 million offer from the Kings, aiming for an All-NBA selection to secure a more lucrative future contract. 

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