James Cameron Responds to Ryan Gosling's 6-Year-Old Saturday Night Live Skit About Avatar's Basic Font

James Cameron, the filmmaker of Avatar, responds to Ryan Gosling's legendary "Papyrus" SNL routine, which mocks the film's basic font.

Cameron's Avatar, which was released in 2009, would go on to become the highest-grossing picture in history, portraying a paraplegic marine's quest to bond with the alien residents of a lush paradise called Pandora. 

While the film was a huge success, an SNL comedy starring Gosling that aired in 2017 made light of the front utilized for the film's emblem on all major marketing materials.

Now, while the wait for Avatar 3's 2025 release date continues, Cameron responds to Gosling's SNL spoof in a new People interview. 

The filmmaker admits that the sketch sparked some discussion on how to handle the title font for Avatar: The Way of Water. Cameron's complete response is below:It's worth noting that the Avatar logo typeface is a modified version of Papyrus,

however the popular font does serve as the foundation. In reality, Peter Stougaard, a former advertising executive for 20th Century Fox, who devised the film's title, has already stated as much.

Stougaard confessed to The Ringer last year that, with the delivery deadline for the film's poster quickly approaching in summer 2009, he was struggling to select the proper typeface.

When he came across Cameron holding a draft of the Avatar script, which used a Papyrus typeface for the title treatment, the solution seemed clear. 

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