Joe Biden Deals with White House Opposition

Dozens of White House interns have taken aim at Joe Biden, demanding that the president issue an official truce in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

More than forty interns at the White House and other executive office branches claim that Biden "ignored" the "pleas of the American people" 

 by refusing to call for an end to the war in a letter that was originally obtained by NBC News.

On October 7, the bloodiest Palestinian attack on Israel in history was spearheaded by the armed branch of the Palestinian political group Hamas, 

which claimed at least 1,200 lives. Israel initiated its most intense bombing on Gaza after declaring war on Hamas. 

Over 15,890 Palestinians have been arrested, the bulk of them women and children.

have perished since the start of the conflict, according to the Associated Press, which cites the Gaza Health Ministry, which does not distinguish between the fatalities of civilians and militants.

Earlier, at a Boston In the wake of Israel's continued attacks against Hamas after a recent seven-day ceasefire between the two sides came to an end,event, Biden noted Trump's use of strong words on the campaign trail, including one instance in which he branded his opponents "vermin." 

Biden has consistently rejected calls for a lasting ceasefire to end the violence and is continuing U.S. support for Israel, including requesting greater military supplies.

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