Johnny Manziel lost his NFL career—and nearly his life—to “get out of being Johnny Football.”

The former NFL player explains how his personal issues contributed to the end of his playing career.

Now, he’s prepared to put “the whole Johnny Football thing to rest” and start living “a more normal life,” he told Insider.

Johnny Manziel is prepared to move on from football and the Johnny Football frenzy that surrounded it after a career that has been nothing short of a roller coaster made him one of sports’ biggest and most infamous personalities.

Johnny Football,” a striking new Netflix documentary about the former Cleveland Browns quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, details his quick ascent to fame and glory,  

The excess that followed him from college to the NFL, and the internal struggles that ended his nascent NFL career in just two years and almost cost him his life.

Manziel recently told Insider that he is prepared to leave that part of his life in the past and “let the past be the past.”

I want to put the whole Johnny Football thing to rest because I still get a lot of questions about football and a previous profession, he continued.  

Even though it’ll never quite fully go away, at least for the majority of people in my interactions in daily life,” the author says, “I want to be able to put this story out there and just let it be what it is.” 

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