Khalil Herbert, the Bears' running back, sustains a severe injury.

Thursday night couldn't have started much better for the Chicago Bears, who led the Washington Commanders 27-3 at halftime.

However, as amazing as the first half was, the second half has been equally disappointing thus far.

Washington reduced the advantage to 27-11 early in the second half with a lengthy touchdown drive.

Unfortunately, Bears running back Khalil Herbert looked to suffer a horrific injury just a few plays later. 

Herbert attempted to receive a ball from Justin Fields, but twisted his body in an uncomfortable way.

Fortunately, Herbert was able to walk away on his own and make his way to the sideline injury tent.

Herbert was subsequently spotted jogging on the sideline after a brief meeting with the Bears training staff.

When more information on Herbert and a probable injury diagnosis becomes available, we'll update you.

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