Lainey Wilson Reveals Her ‘Yellowstone’ Theft

According to Lainey Wilson, it wasn't exactly theft. Perhaps the American singer, who recently joined the cast of Yellowstone, might term it a time-borrowing alternative.

Wilson took a moment to expound during a fast-paced round of intense Yellowstone questions that soon made their way onto ToC's YouTube channel

."I haven't shared this with everyone yet," she begins, speaking to the flavor of USA Nights.

The vocalist of "heart Like a Truck" will portray Abby for the entirety of Yellowstone Season 5 thus far. 

She hasn't revealed anything about her role or schedule on set, save from saying that she'll sing a song.

Additionally, rumors have surfaced that she has become friendly with actor Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton).

I'm able to give an overview of the details you brought up on Kelsey Asbille along with some relevant background:

I apologize, but I do not have access to current material and my knowledge only goes as far as September 2021, thus I am unable to write an in-depth 800-word essay on this particular incident.

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