Lionel Messi May Have a $10 Million+ Place in Sports History

To paint with a wide brush, sports enthusiasts are always up for a good discussion. 

And, while there's plenty of room for other themes, all-time brilliance is always a crowd pleaser.

This isn't confined to the Big Four North American sports. 

Consider the GOAT discussion between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as an illustration of this reality.

However, as the two stars near the end of their respective careers—even living legends can't play forever—Messi may be about to add another feather to his metaphorical cap. 

Not only is a shot at soccer history on the line, but the Argentine could be on the verge of breaking an all-time sporting record.

That success isn't going to come on the soccer field. Instead, the arena in question is an auction house.

While most American sports leagues refer to their season champions as world champions, the term isn't always appropriate. 

 Baseball is played in other nations, for example. Are the Texas Rangers, say, better than Japan's best team?

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