Love Horoscope For October 6, 2023

Today, Venus in your wellness sector confronts Saturn in Pisces, activating your self-love button. 


Taurus, love comes in various forms. Today's Venus opposition to wise, elderly Saturn shows you that partnerships don't have to be dramatic to feel like love.


What do you value and why? When it comes to love, today can feel like a tightrope, and Saturn can help you find out why. 


You learn by openly discussing concerns with others. When Venus opposes Saturn, the dominant focus of the day is conversation.


Set the scene. Today, the ambience of your surroundings has a greater impact on love and passion than usual. 


Even if someone tells you that you're thinking too much about yourself, love is personal. 


Love was never supposed to be painful, and when Venus opposes Saturn, you can see how unhealthy love can confound people's perceptions of what a partnership should be.


You could be falling in love with a friend and believing that this romance will last. Venus is in your sector of friendship.


You've been devoting a lot of time and energy to your profession recently, and as a result, you've been unable to focus on your family. 


Your personality determines how you love others. Before you feel comfortable sharing your entire heart, consider whether the weight of a new family is worth it.


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