Love Horoscope For September 29, 2023

Written By

Maggie scott

Aries, love must be practical and make sense for you, or why bother? Today brings financial and routine uncertainty to your love life. 

Taurus Time hasn't been right for romance. It may be easier to sneak a kiss or hug from a spouse who wants time with you today.

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Gemini Today, love may feel unstable, making you feel less secure in your connection. But it will get better. Today may bring up family issues from the past. 

The cancer Don't tell a friend everything after a fight with your partner. Even when your emotions are jumbled, you need to let the anger subside to think clearly. 

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The Leo Work might help relieve frustration over being single or not knowing where your relationship is going. Though it can't purchase love, money may cover many other stressful aspects of life.

The Virgo You deserve a romantic trip to cap the week. When wacky Uranus talks to Venus in your sign, spontaneity is easy. 

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The Libra You're eager to share your secrets with someone special, which can bring intimacy.

Scorpio Good friends know when a relationship is failing. Someone you know may comment on your changes today and ask why. 

Sagittarius Work may be too much recently, and the pressure to perform at work may exhaust you and your relationship emotionally. 

Capricorn Writing a love note shows your lover you're thinking of them. Things from the past might be romantic today. Uranus inspires you to do new things, even if they've been done before. 

Aquarius Today is great for researching your family's romantic history and how everyone met and fell in love. You may learn something new.

Pisces Pisces, someone may confess love. They may shock you with their revelation! The volatile energy of Venus and Uranus in Taurus affects everyone today.

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