Major "tipping points" are about to be crossed on Earth, which might result in a climatic disaster in ten years: Report

Scientists have warned for years about the grave climate crisis that the planet is currently experiencing. 

The major climate "tipping points" that, if the earth continues to warm, 

might bring about a global catastrophe within the next ten years have been warned about in a report that has issued a "Doomsday" warning.

 This comes as world governments are failing to come to an agreement on reaching net zero emissions.

A research written by over 200 scientists claims that global warming has reached previously unheard-of levels and has the potential to start a "dangerous domino effect" that will end humankind as we know it.

According to the report "Global Tipping Points," if global temperatures rise by 1.5C (2.7F) over pre-industrial levels,

five significant natural thresholds might already be passed and three more could in the 2030s.

Lead author Tim Lenton of the University of Exeter in the UK warns that "triggered one tipping point could trigger another in a kind of dangerous domino effect," according to the NewScientists source.

However, these Earth system tipping points may also lead to detrimental tipping points in society, such as problems with food security, mass migration, and conflict. 

There is hope for stopping these threats, but immediate international action will be needed.

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