NFL Fans Are Praying For Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, hold your breath.

Patrick Mahomes appears to have suffered an ankle injury shortly before halftime on Sunday. 

Late in the second quarter, a Bears defensive lineman rolled up on Mahomes from behind.

The defender collided with Mahomes' left ankle. 

He continued in the game, but walked with a significant limp for the remainder of the first half. 

NFL fans are praying for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Hopefully, nothing serious has happened. 

"Oh no, Patrick Mahomes seems a bit hurt, got hit in the right ankle, but he's staying in," stated Dov Kleiman. 

"I doubt we'll see much of Patrick Mahomes in the second half." This game has ended. "I know Mahomes is tough, but why risk it up 34-0?" James Rapien wondered. 


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