NFL Fans React To Brock Purdy Still Having A Roommate

An NFL quarterback's life is usually glamorous. They're the ones who make the most money and get the most credit when the team succeeds.

Most fans appreciate 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy's contributions to the team's 4-0 record, so he's halfway there.

 Purdy just revealed that he still has a roommate, so the money portion of the equation may have to wait a little longer.

"I still have a roommate, one of the offensive linemen here," Purdy remarked recently. "We're still splitting the rent.

 "I continue to drive my Toyota Sequoia.""Bro is middle class in the bay," claimed one fan. Purdy's salary this season is $870,000.

"This man brought Bay Area rent cost awareness to the forefront while also earning a potential Toyota sponsorship." 

"What a legend," exclaimed another admirer."My man needs some endorsements," stated one supporter.

Purdy has been surrounded by excellent players by the 49ers, but if he continues to play as effectively as he has in his first two seasons, he won't be living with a roommate for long.


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