Olivia Dunne, College Swimming Pink Bikini Photo Turns Head

With a pink bikini selfie she shared on Instagram, LSU college swimmer Olivia Dunne is making waves. 

Over a million people have liked the image of Dunne, who is wearing a pink bikini and a flower crown in her hair.

In the world of collegiate swimming, Dunne is a rising star. She has won two SEC titles and been named an All-American three times.

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She has more than a million Instagram followers, making her a social media influencer as well.

Reactions to Dunne's pink bikini photo have been conflicting. While some people applauded her for her attractiveness and confidence, others chastised her for sharing a graphic image.

Dunne has defended her decision to upload the picture, claiming that she wants to encourage other young women to be comfortable in their own skin and that she is proud of her physique.

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I won't apologise for having self-confidence in my body, Dunne declared. "I want other young women to see this photo and know it's okay to be proud of who you are," the author says in the photograph.

The pink bikini photo of Dunne has generated a discussion on self-confidence and body image. 

Everyone is gorgeous in their own unique manner, and it serves as a reminder that we should not be ashamed of our bodies.


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