Olivia Dunne had $4,200. Christian Siriano’s stunning Elle photoshoot dre

Model Olivia Dunne, who is featured in Sports Illustrated, was featured in the French fashion magazine Elle in the month of July.

At the picture session, the LSU gymnastics star was photographed wearing a range of elegant clothing, and she was also interviewed about her experiences.

It is believed that she has a net worth of more than $3.3 million annually, and she has millions of followers on both Instagram and TikTok.

For the purpose of expanding her fashion portfolio, the LSU gymnast worked with Elle after making a splashy debut in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated in the month of May.

Olivia Dunne was featured in the magazine in a number of stunning photographs that were taken by Silver Chang.

These photographs highlighted the athlete’s personality and sense of style.

During her photoshoot for Elle, the LSU gymnast, who is also the partner of Paul Skenes, who is now a former pitcher for LSU, wore a number of fashionable ensembles.

She was wearing a gorgeous white halter dress that was a hallmark design by Christian Siriano and estimated to be about $4,200.

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