BRAIN TEST: Only 5% of people can see the Tiger hidden among the dogs

The catch is that you only have fifteen seconds to discover Tiger. 

Optical illusions are useful to one's cognitive ability. After completing these questions, you will become more brilliant and intellectual. This hilarious optical illusion can be solved right here.  

Look at the image below and tell me if you can spot the tiger. The image has several dogs. The first element of your assignment is to carefully examine this image. 

So your work is straightforward. All that is required is to locate the tiger hiding amid the dogs. The catch is that you only have 15 seconds to find it! 

This tiger is making an attempt to blend in among the dogs. It's nearly hard to identify it now. The goal of this optical illusion is to direct viewers to the tiger hiding among the dogs. 

The enormous group of dogs serves as an excellent disguise for the tiger. You have seven seconds to find it. Can you tell what it is? Prepare your eyeballs for concentration! 

Your time has come! Keep your eyes peeled for the tiger! The clock is ticking! Continue your search! Concentrate on the image Okay! The clock has struck twelve. 

If you're having trouble spotting it, we've designated the huge cat with a red circle. We hope you found it useful. 

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