Playing at a Super Bowl type is Matthew Stafford. 

Anyone who has watched the L.A. Rams' four games this season understands that Matthew Stafford still has more arm talent than any quarterback in the NFC ,

despite the fact that his numbers haven't been great so far this season. Nobody will accuse Stafford of being Stat Padford ,

this time because he averages less than one touchdown and more than one interception per game and only three quarterbacks ,

in the conference have a lower passer rating than 78.1. However, there isn't a single quarterback in the NFC ,

that I would choose over Stafford in a throwing competition or a two-minute drill.The data is false. 

Movies don't. The Vikings are 1-3, with their lone victory coming against a team that hasn't won this year, 

and Kirk Cousins leads the NFL in touchdown passes.Despite the absence of Cooper Kupp, 

the Rams' left tackle struggled mightily against the Bengals, and Matthew Stafford essentially had Kyren Williams act as a touchdown vulture ,

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