Ryan Reynolds Shares Travis Kelce's Reprise of Blake Lively and Taylor Swift's Photo

It was clear Ryan Reynolds always seizes the opportunity to crack a joke when he agreed to a fan edit featuring him and Travis Kelce. 

The actor posted a fan-made version of himself and Kelce cuddling on a couch on Instagram Stories on Sunday.  

Of course, the photo isn't even of the two men; rather, it's just their faces overlaid on a real photo of Taylor Swift and his spouse Blake Lively.  

Reynolds's face is on his spouse's body, and Kelce's is on Swift's. "I feel like I should remember this," Reynolds captioned a joke. He also included the original author in his tag. 

Swift and Lively, who are best friends, posed for a photo together at the London premiere of Beyoncé's concert film, Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, in the original image. Subsequently, Swift shared the image on Instagram along with numerous other photos.  

Lively, who was taken aback by Queen Bey's charm, conceded in a lighthearted social media post that there is room for more than one female celebrity. 

The fake picture of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift that Ryan Reynolds shared seems to confirm their continued relationship. Kelce is a member of the Chiefs' roster.  

The two have been spotted together a lot since dating rumors first started to circulate in September. He has accompanied Swift to multiple Chiefs games, they have strolled through New York City holding hands,  

and even shared a viral kiss after their Buenos Aires Eras Tour performance. Swift stood by Kelce at the Chiefs vs. Jets game in New Jersey after being escorted there by Reynolds and Lively. It looked like the group was enjoying themselves immensely cheering on Swift's new partner. 

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